Protein Intake Calculator

age should be in 14 to 80 range
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You should take ...... of protein per day


How it is calculated:

This calculator will tell us how much protein to eat per day.

Just add the values step by step and multiply by weight in the end.


If Age is  (let user put his age, don’t give age group in input/placeholder)

Age <14 is not applied here. This calculator is for age <14.

14-180.9 gram0.00198416 lbs
19-300.8 gram0.0017637 lbs
31-400.9 gram0.00198416 lbs
41-501 gram0.00220462 lbs
51-601.1 gram0.00242508 lbs
61-701.2 gram0.00264555 lbs
71-801.3 gram0.00286601 lbs


Choose one number as per age and forward to next step


If Sex is – 

Male – then no change to this table- Just follow

Female– then (- 0.1 gram , in Metric) and (-0.000220462 lbs , in standard)

Example- If the person is Man , aged- 25

Take – 0.8 gram (Metric) or 0.0017637 lbs (standard)

If the person is woman , aged – 25

Take- (0.8 – 0.1) gram or (0.0017637 – 0.000220462) lbs

Now we go with the results to next part.


Activity Level-

If Activity Level is – 

Sedentary – No Change

Lightly Active- Add (0.2 gram) or (0.000440925 lbs)

Moderately Active– Add (0.5 gram) or (0.00110231 lbs)

Very Active– Add (0.8 gram) or (0.0017637 lbs)

Now we go with the results to next part-


Goal –              

If Goal is – 

If Fat Loss – then

Calculate BMI of the Person

Formula for BMI

In Metric- BMI = [weight (kg) / height (cm) / height (cm)] x 10,000

In Standard- BMI = [weight (lb) / height (in) / height (in)] x 703

and Add
If BMI is
Metric (Add)
Standard (Add)
>241.8 gram0.00396832 lbs
25-302.1 gram0.004629708 lbs
31-352.0 gram0.00440925 lbs
36-401.9 gram0.004188783 lbs
41-451.7 gram0.003747858 lbs
46-501.5 gram0.003306934 lbs
>501.3 gram0.002866009 lbs


If Maintenance – then

No change

If Muscle Gain – then

Add (0.6 gram) or (0.00132277 lbs)


Now Multiply the end result with the “Weight” of the person

In Metric- (End result * Weight of the person (kg)= ….. gram of protein

In Standard – {(End result /2.20462)* Weight of the person lbs} =  ….. lbs of protein